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Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency specializes in providing personalized insurance coverage that meets the needs of our individual clients. Whether you need Homeowner’s insurance, Auto insurance, Tenants, Commercial Insurance or a Bond, Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency has a plan for everyone.

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About our Company

Our insurance agency was established in 1919 and provides competitive personal and commercial lines insurance policies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. We are conveniently located in Bradford, Massachusetts, in a modern first floor office with plenty of free parking. You’ll find us under the clock tower!

Meet our Staff

* Frederick E. Malcolm Jr, President, Insurance Advisor

Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative:
* Joyce Axford, CPIW
Personal Lines Customer Service Represenatative:
Marianne Collupy
Office Operations
Mary Malcolm
Scott Beaulieu
Roberta Nadeau

* Indicates Licensed Insurance Broker

Frequently Asked Questions

Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency's top priority is assisting the customer with every aspect of the insurance process. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Below are some general insurance questions that we are frequently asked.

Q: My homeowner policy lists coverage for Other Structures and there are no other structures on my property. Why should I pay for this coverage?

A: Your homeowner is a package policy and you automatically get coverage for other structures (such as a shed or unattached garage) whether you have one or not. You do not pay any extra for this coverage and it can be increased but can not be deleted. Your premium is based on the amount of coverage you have on the Dwelling.

Q: How do qualify for a low mileage discount on my Massachusetts auto policy?

A: If you drive less than 7,500 miles annually, you are entitled to this credit.Eligibility for the discount will be verified based on actual miles driven during the prior year. Miles driven are recorded with the RMV when you register the vehicle and/or take your car for the Massachusetts Safety and Emissions Inspection. Less than 5,000 generates an even higher credit.

Q: My child recently got his/her driver license. How long is he/she considered to be an inexperienced operator?

A: An operator is not considered experienced until he/she has been driving for six years. For the first three years they remain in the highest rate classification. You can save money if you have taken a driver's education course. From three to six years the rate class drops, until the sixth year of driving is completed.

Q: What does Substitute Transportation on my auto policy cover?

A: This coverage enables you to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired due to a covered loss. You can buy reimbursement limits from $15/day up to $100/day.

Q: How do I qualify for a multi-policy discount?

A: It often saves you money to have both your home and auto insurance policies with the same company, if feasible. The discount is up to 20% and is applied to your home insurance rate. The auto policy will also have a discount. Some companies will discount your New Hampshire auto policy as well.

To help you prepare for life’s challenges, Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency offers a wide range of services for families and individuals who are seeking financial protection and peace of mind.

We offer:

A 24 hour Claims Emergency telephone number. Also various types of Insurance including -

Auto, Home, Tenants, Condos, Boats, Life, Bonds, Commercial Buildings, Commercial Property, Workers' Compensations, Errors & Omissions, Liability, Yachts, Inland Marine, Dwellings, Jewelry Floaters, Umbrellas, Nurses Liability, Long Term Health Care, and Professional Liability.

We also offer free Notary Service and daily Registry Service.

Homeowner Insurance

No matter the size, your home is most likely your biggest investment. Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency offers home insurance policies taylored to your home as best they can make it fit.

We offer standard home insurance, property insurance for rental properties and insurance upgrades for high valued homeowners. Flood insurance and personal liability insurance are also available.

Life Insurance and Annuities

Life insurance can provide you and your with family financial security for the future. Your individual life insurance needs are dependent on age, health, financial responsibilities, and your personal goals. Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency through its associates, offers universal life insurance policies designed to meet the individual needs of all of our clients.

Purchasing annuities allows you to put away your money, and not to worry about paying taxes on the interest until withdrawal. Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency works closely with another associate to bundle these coverages.

Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how annuities can become an income for your retirement.

Health and Disability Insurance

Most health insurance plans leave their benefactors with incomplete coverage. Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency offers supplemental health coverage to ensure that an unexpected illness does not result in financial hardship. Our associate is honest and low-key. There will be no "Hard Sell".

A long-term disability can seriously affect your ability to earn an income. Disability insurance protects your most important asset, your earning ability. Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency's associate offers a variety of services to provide you with a source of income in the case of a serious disability. For more information about specific disability plans, please contact Anthony & Malcolm Insurance Agency directly.

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